I never meant to leave you.

Really, I didn’t. I’ve been having issues in the kitchen. Unlike the time all of the appliances made a suicide pact, this time the issues are of the camera variety.

I shoot all of the videos myself, while I’m home alone, except for that one time Scott got home from work early and was my vodka soda taste-tester. That’s a lot of moving a tripod around, balancing an iPad to get close-up shots and holding an iPhone over the stove while I stir. Well, I need a new tripod and a better way to stabilize the iPad, and in my hunt for equipment, I’ve neglected you.

I’ll fix it.


Let’s still be friends.


2 thoughts on “I never meant to leave you.

  1. The thing about seeing your videos is now when I read your blog I HEAR your voice as I read the words, even the intonations. It’s eerie.

    *awkward silence*

    *twiddles thumbs*

    More vodka?

    • Why, thank you, Vince!

      Oh, wait. Do I owe you an apology instead? For causing voices in your head? Well, it’s really just my voice, and I’ve dealt with my voice in my head my whole life, so I hope it’s not all that bad. Eerie or not, that made me smile.

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