Let’s have leftovers

Butternut Squash and Asparagus with Rigatoni in a Ricotta Cream Sauce

Butternut Squash and Asparagus with Rigatoni in a Ricotta Cream Sauce

I wanted to show you how to make my layered vegetable enchiladas last night. I couldn’t. I couldn’t because our fridge is packed so full that I could not fit another thing in it, much less the ingredients I needed to make the dish.

I’ve been cooking faster than we can eat lately, despite hosting two dinner parties in a row this weekend. I cook, and shop at Costco, as if I’m a caterer, regardless of how many people I’m serving. I admit it. I have a problem. I say, if you’re going to have a problem, make it a delicious one. Like cooking too many meals. And whisky!

So, in an effort to make room in the fridge, we had leftover spinach and goat cheese tarts from one of the dinner parties, and a dish I made up last week with what I happened to have. It turned into rigatoni tossed with butternut squash and asparagus in a ricotta cream sauce.

I’m having a lot of fun cooking for you. But most of my fun moments are the ones nobody will see — the oopsies that get cut out of the final videos. But then it occurred to me … why not share my leftovers with you, too? So, today, I give you the leftovers — what was edited out of my first few videos, and a few things you haven’t seen yet.

Cooking should be fun. Mistakes happen. I’m also a grown man staying up late at night talking to a camera on a tripod in his kitchen in the name of documenting his cooking. Odds were pretty good that my conversations with the camera wouldn’t always make sense.


10 thoughts on “Let’s have leftovers

  1. What if I can’t grow a beard? Then what?

    Any thoughts on making dishes that are under 5-6 ingredients or a segment on easy meals for parents on the go? Just saying…:)

  2. Of course I replied “I love you, too.” I would never leave you hanging like that. Except by not commenting on your posts until now, because I was too dumb to find the comment link… But now I found it, AND left you a comment telling you I love you too. You’re welcome.

  3. LOL- this was hilarious, thanks for sharing! BTW- I have a baby and you can make him food! šŸ™‚ I was actually going to start trying that in a month or 2 so LMK if you have any good ideas.

  4. I love you Cavan, and not just in response to you saying the same. Thanks for the cooking and making me laugh out loud at my computer……

    Now that, I have to own!

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