I’m not dead

1438_10101707408686270_254301649_nOh, hello.

I’ve missed you, but I’m coming back soon with an all-new kitchen and camera gear. The jokes and husband remain the same.

After the last time we got together, Scott and I both started new jobs and and took a few months to build a home. Our time together, while always so special, was put on the — get ready for it — back burner. Like cooking. Like when you’re cooking and you put something on the back burner. Because I cook in the videos. You get it, right?

Yeah, you get it.

We designed the kitchen to be camera-friendly, but I was in need of new gear. Enter the Founders’ Grant, an award from my home away from home, Spong and Carmichael Lynch, sister PR and advertising agencies based in Minneapolis and owned by Interpublic Group. The grant, designed to empower an employee to execute a creative idea, was used to purchase video equipment for the blog. The agencies do work with a number of national brands, but, unless otherwise stated, content here is not sponsored or influenced by business relationships I have with those brands.

With the grant, I’ve been able to get a tripod, camera and mic back in the kitchen to again document the goings-on behind the counter. We’ve been filming and getting things ready, including new design work from the talented Whitley Mike.

See you again soon.


6 thoughts on “I’m not dead

  1. Hi Cavan! I just wanted to tell you how AWESOME you are. I remember you being shy during our college years so when I saw your blogs I immediately fell in love with them. I tell everyone I know to check them out. I’m so happy for you and Scott. I don’t know who is more deserving of greatness than you. Congratulations on everything! !! I can’t wait to see the new episodes.

  2. Once upon a time, my husband found your channel on YT.
    We off and on fondly reminisce about “nacho” and butternut squash soup fingers. We missed you, as weird as that is for two complete strangers to do.
    We are so happy, and just watched the three “new” videos’, it’s wonderful you’re back, and I look forward to more videos. You are, far and away, the most enjoyable chef to watch, even if one has a cable subscription.
    We just got a new house, the kitchen needs a remodel; where’s the best place for a tequila drawer? The one in the night stand is convenient, but not ideal for cooking.

    • Thank you so much for the incredibly kind words, Mineka! You truly made my week.

      I am not sure if I’ll ever properly come out of “retirement” from You’re In My Kitchen but do hope to be able to keep people smiling through some other creative endeavors down the road. Hearing that I was able to make you two laugh over all these years makes all the long nights shooting and editing (and overlooking how odd the project was at times) more than worth it!

      The tequila drawer will call to you. You’ll know when it’s the right spot. And when in doubt, put bottles in every drawer and see how things work out.

      Always remember nacho.

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