Oh, hello!

Making pasta from scratch for my family. The key ingredient for hosting your first Thanksgiving? All those bottles of champagne behind me.

If I had my druthers, I’d spend my day as your personal chef and bartender, working behind a large countertop in a well-lit kitchen. Well, it turns out I’ve found the large countertop and well-lit kitchen, but not quite a way to get the food from there to wherever you happen to be. With humble apologies to you and your appetite, I instead offer you this blog as your constant invitation into my kitchen.

As a lover of food and multimedia, I promise to provide you with both photos and videos from my kitchen to give you ideas to bring to your own kitchens, from the delightfully gourmet  (there will be truffle oil) to the deliciously tacky (there will also be jugs of liquor).

I like to cook. You, I imagine, have eaten food. We’re a match made in heaven. Let’s be friends. Take a seat in my kitchen and let’s eat, drink, chat and grow old together.

Remember, friends: There’s nothing in life that can’t be fixed or improved upon with a French fry or a bottle of vodka. Either way, keep potatoes handy.

So. My name’s Cavan and you’re in my kitchen. What’s your name?


30 thoughts on “Oh, hello!

    • Gasp. I just made a joke about how much I want to make baby food. I don’t even know why I want to … but I do. Just another reason to regret not seeing him on a daily basis. I’ll just mail it with your next soufflé Fed Ex shipment.

  1. Hey Cavan! You should check out thepioneerwoman.com. I love her food photos and how she treats recipes. Looking forward to following you!

    • That is a great idea, Michael! I was thinking of some kind of Stump the Chef/Pantry Raid idea. I’ve never had actual durian — only durian-flavored candy, which is, I hope, as close as I ever get knowing what gasoline tastes like. The actual fruit, surely, must be better. My mom used to eat it when she lived in Taiwan.

  2. Love me some food blogs! Looking forward to yours because I want to know more about vegetarian cooking. Do you have any good vegetarian cookbook suggestions because I am not a winger?

  3. Thanks Cavan. A winger is someone who just knows what goes together and can wing-it, pulling together a meal without a recipe. Therefore, I have a feeling you’re a winger and I am not a winger. 😉 It’s a new term I’m throwing out there…feel free to use it on your blog…haha. 🙂

  4. Cavan,
    Thanks for inviting me into your kitchen! I can’t wait to see what new things you come up with to show us. *pulls up a stool* Okay, I’m ready now.

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